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The Chamoy Everything Kit

The Chamoy Everything Kit

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The Everything Mix includes: Gushers, Watermelon Patch, Peach Rings, Gummy Worms, Sour Patch, and Nerds Clusters.

In a world of flavors, sweet and tart,
There's a treat that has stolen my heart,
Chamoy gummies, oh, how you delight,
With every bite, my taste buds take flight.

A burst of flavor, a fiesta in my mouth,
Tropical goodness from north to south,
The tangy sweetness, a perfect blend,
A confectionary treasure, my dear friend.

Infused with chamoy, that spicy kick,
It's a flavor sensation that's hard to pick,
A dance on the tongue, a tantalizing zest,
These Queenz Candiez gummies, undoubtedly the very best.

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